About Me

Ramsey Adventure Development was officially made a business in April 2022 by me, Bri Ramsey.  I had been working as an "adventure nanny" for a few families around Anchorage after the pandemic shutdown most child care services.  My goal in the beginning of these adventure sessions was two fold:

1) keep the kids off screens, and

2) get them outside as much as possible.  

After two years of working and becoming part of the families I worked with, I decided that there was a need for this kind of childcare throughout Anchorage.  I extended my care to more families as I also began to expand my age range to preschool through working at Apple Blossoms Forest School.

Ramsey Adventure Development has now become a woman owned small business that strives to educate children in how to be safe and enjoy The Last Frontier.  We explore various trails, parks, playgrounds, creeks throughout the Anchorage area.  We hike, bike, cross-country ski, down-hill ski, ice skate and so much more!  I strive to give the kids the opportunity to learn why Alaska is called the "Great Land" and for them to become the best adventure buddy a parent could ask for!

I have a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a minor in Mathematics from University of Massachusetts Amherst.  I have worked in child care since 2015 ranging from residential outdoor education programs in California to after school programs here in Anchorage.  My favorite part of my job is getting to be creative and just plain silly with the kids in the outdoors while still teaching them basic life skills. 

When I'm not at RAD or Apple Blossoms, I can be found exploring Alaska's trails and backcountry with my dog, Kai'a on foot, bike, skis or splitboard.

See you outside!