2023/2024 After School

R.A.D. After School Programs

After school programs start with a school pick up then we head out for our day's adventure!  Depending on the season and the weather we will go to different trails and playgrounds within Anchorage to play and explore.  We will also get to practice our skills in different outdoor activities appropriate for the season, such as, cross-country skiing, ice skating, biking and more!  Every day is different and has new beauty to be found!  Session will either be two or three hours depending on need and will only include 3-5 kids.  Cost displays this time difference and includes gas, emergency snacks and hot beverages on extra cold days!  Special equipment and gear is not provided (skis, skates, etc.) but R.A.D. will coordinate gear pick up when necessary.  

The current R.A.D. after school schedule will look as follows:

Mondays - Scenic Park Elementary until 5:30pm (2 hours, $500/semester) 2 Spaces Left

Tuesdays - Aquarian and Chugach Optional until 5:00pm (2 hours, $500/semester) 3 Spaces Left

Wednesdays - Scenic Park Elementary until 5:30pm (2 hours, $500/semester) FULL

Thursdays - Rilke Schule until 6:00pm (3 hours, $725/semester) FULL

Fridays - Rilke Schule until 4:30pm (3 hours, $725/semester) FULL

See you outside!