Ramsey Adventure Development

Outdoor focused child care 

Ramsey Adventure Development is an outdoor adventure based child care program to intentionally engage kids within nature!

RAD Programs

At RAD, my mission is to provide children with opportunities to enhance their outdoor skills throughout the year, no matter the season or challenges presented. I believe in a child and play-led approach to learning, as it makes my program more fun, engaging, and exciting for each child. 


RAD offers a summer camp program for preschool and early elementary-aged children with weekly themes. Our program is conducted entirely outdoors, regardless of weather conditions! Past themes have included dinosaurs, waterways, underworld, and more. Each day, children participate in theme-related activities and engage in outdoor play on trails, playgrounds, or biking excursions. Sign up here!

RAD provides play and adventure sessions, following the ASD schedule, throughout the school year for elementary-aged students. After a long day of sitting in class, children get the opportunity to play with friends in their favorite local trails and playgrounds! I offer a variety of activities such as biking, skiing, sledding, ice skating, and other fun outdoor activities. In the event of extreme weather conditions, I conduct indoor field trips to museums, libraries, the rock gym, and other similar venues. My program aims to maximize outdoor time while promoting physical activity and socialization among children.  Sign up here!

RAD Overnights

After gaining confidence and practicing wilderness decision-making skills through various outdoor activities, children enrolled in our program have the opportunity to test their skills by spending a night miles away from any trailhead. Prior to the trip, we hold a pre-trip planning meeting where children are involved in building the menu and packing lists for the excursion. They also help set up tents and sleeping areas while assisting in group base camp tasks such as water filtration and firewood collection. Despite the rain during our recent bike packing trip to the backside of Eklutna in August 2022, the children had an enjoyable experience.  In Summer 2023 there will be the opportunity to participate in both a bike-packing trip as well as a backpacking trip!  

There are still openings for RAD After School programs for Spring 2024!

Please get in touch for available days!

2024 Summer Camp registration open now!

Phone:  774-279-5008 

Email: info@ramseyadventuredevelopment.com

See you outside!